Link overhaul - way overdue

I know I have ignored just about everything in my life lately for the lure of work. I really can't explain why. I sat through an afternoon tea for a fellow who I will be replacing next week - 28 years with the same organisation.

The testimonials about him were many, long and he was clearly puffed up by the open adulation. I on the other hand sat in my chair at the back hoping no one would say and next week we will have LL who is coming in to fill those enormous shoes.

I couldn't wait till people started milling around so I could slink out of the room and wonder what the hell I am thinking how am I going to live up to him!

But my view is - great corporate knowledge he may have - but a builder of strategic relationships - I think that is my forte hopefully I can add some value despite the fact I have been with the organisation a fraction of the time he has.

Anyway this is a long way coming round to the fact, that I am trying to pay attention to some other parts of my life and recently started looking into the links I still have but really only find the time to visit a handful every so often. So it was a big surprise to find that infernality I linked to is a intelligent, articulate law graduate entering the workforce and she has turned into a boy hard rockers blog and Katie - is this another side of the same woman I linked to a year ago - Katie liked cooking and knitting and going to Art Galleries in Boston - this new Katie likes parties, drinking and partying by the look of things.... not that there is anything wrong with that because at Katies age I had more in common with the latter Katie than the earlier Katie.

Just amused me entirely.

A serious talk.

Recently one morning in the family room I was picking up Elliot's pyjamas yet again so I mentioned to P that Elliot never seems to put his pyjamas in the right place.

P dislikes me using the never word. His reasoning being that I use it in the wrong context - like "P you never close the shower curtain after you have finished in the shower" or "P you never check the washing carefully to remove my handwashing". I think he is right sometimes.

Anyway I said to P the fact that Elliot never puts his pyjamas in his bedroom was a very accurate statement this time. So we both decided to talk to him about it and as he emerged back into the family room, we both called him over and using our most serious tone said we had something to talk to him about. Of course we decided for fun to overplay the whole 'serious talk' - that's just our nature can't resist a good wind-up if there is an opportunity.

So I told Elliot to sit down in front of me and I sat down in front of him and held his hand and said "Elliot there is something we need to talk about and we have been meaning to talk to you about this for some time" and before I could continue about the pyjamas, Elliot looking quite earnestly into my eyes said " I know, I'm adopted!"

P was looking on and can only say that we just burst out laughing, where the hell did that come from, you could not meet a child that looks more like each of his parents. Serves us right for trying to trick him in the first place - we did end up having the serious chat about the pyjamas - and for about two days I think it worked.


Baby steps

Okay reason for the lack of posting - due to working ridiculous hours leaving me very little time for life outside of work and the immediate family. I have accepted a second promotion in less than a month so while hard work is being noticed I don't see me getting less busy.

All work and no play makes me a very dull read.

Snapshot - Gabriella - singing riffs from Wolfmother lately... have you been to the carnival.... dnnnnnnner, dnnnnnner, dnt, dnt, dnnnnn.

Snapshot - Elliot: Writing epics on cricketing families today, learning to ride a bike no trainers.

Party pooped


Gabriella - beach shadow