I am here I am not at work. In fact I have not been at work for about a week and two days! On holidays so I have to enjoy it while I can. We did go somewhere else and dined here and here.

There were no kiddies for 3 glorious nights - just big fluffy pillows and lots of sleep and good food, company and shopping. P and I dream of moving to this city we love, love, love it down there.

But being the slack buggers that we are, we won't put the effort into moving but who knows.. one day.

So apart from going to Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast I am spending this week with my very hilarious daughte who keeps us very amused with her growing vocabulary and impish antics.

Not all fun and games unfortunately I have to find her some alternative day care for about 3 days - while her Aunt recovers from pneumonia. It has been difficult but nevertheless it has been arranged and at a cost of course. She is quite a confident child so I am hoping that having this change will not be too hard.

So what does a busy working mother do in her down time well yesterday I cleaned my oven and pantry out - what enormous jobs they were especially since the oven was just belted this winter with roasts galore.

I will return to this later I am feeling bad that I am writing instead of spending time with Gabi.