Return to work

Hard to believe, I am at the end of my first two weeks of being back at work. Unfortunately I returned to act in the most senior position in the Division, which meant of course I was the boss. Lots of meetings mainly and dealing with staff, dealing with staff, dealing with staff. It seems that is my main occupation at work these days. Some days however I feel like I work for them and not vice versa!

In the midst of this P's dear Grandmother died after a slowish decline from about November 2006. When I was told the news less than a week ago, I mainly felt relief. I guess because since November there was such an outpouring of love for her from the family that we actually got to say "I love you" and basically without words "Goodbye." She wasn't conscious in the final couple of weeks, so I also felt that she had already gone by then too.

It was a fairly big deal not just because of the loss of her beautiful soul, but because Elliot was close to her and there was some explaining for us to do.

We had the funeral on Wednesday, and we asked Elliot to come and speak if he wanted to. Elliot spoke of her in front of the family during the ceremony -we were very proud of him.

I wanted the words to come from him, so we lay on my big bed together 3 nights ago and got out the lap top and I asked him what did you think of when you think of Nanny, he said " Lots of feeling" and then when I prompted him " Well she had great catching hands!" Not bad sentiments I know but I knew I could extract more from him so I tried the old tried and true acrostic poem and this is what he came up with and said at the funeral:

My GrandNan - an acrostic poem

G -GrandNan was a great lady;
R- Rated highly by me
A- Always remembered my birthday
N- Never got mad at me
D -Dear to my heart
N -Nicest person I will ever know
A- Always happy to see me
N-No one will take her place

I was a very lucky boy to have a Grand Nan and we got to know each other very well and I will always remember her love and kindness.

It was a touching moment, Nanny's children spoke, her grandchildren spoke and so did her great grand children - a loving tribute to a beautiful person that I am so much better for having known her - I will miss you Nanny.


New Bathroom?

These are the tiles for our new bathroom which is to begin by the end of the month. P used his computer skills to work out how the feature tiles will map out. The chocolate brown tiles at the bottom are actually the floor tiles he didn't have time to 3d properly.

The shower will also be inside a semiframe.

Not bad P- he has actually chosen it all!
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