Work life balance and the will to win

That is a myth I think.

It's Wednesday I have been working for 2 days (I had Monday off) and finished late at 7pm both nights and for one of those nights I have woken and thought about ways to solve the problem till I finally succumbed to sleep.

Last week I was at work late most nights and working till midnight working on the same problem.

Over the last two days, I have been trying hard to resolve the problem and reach a viable solution, because we must submit a paper which outlines 2 options, recommends a solution and explains the risks of both options.

Every step of the way there has been this woman who is so counterproductive in the way she works the only impact she has on me and my team is to make us chase our tails and work in circles - it is excruiating.

It is absolutely incredible how that unproductive woman stays in her position. This problem has been haunting some of my colleagues for nearly a year and it finally landed in my lap. I can reach an outcome, but the woman who has kept this going for the year, the counterproductive one is working against me at every step and will keep doing that right till the death - that is the way she has always worked against me. She must be my nemesis.

I will get an outcome, despite the complexity and history of this problem (approximately $100 000 has been spent getting legal advice on various ways to solve this problem).

Despite my hearing of the death of my Aunt on Monday night, despite me occassionally breaking down in tears in my office over the last two days about the loss of my Aunt, the stress of the work and the problem making caused by this other woman and despite the guilt that I feel because I have to leave it all to my sister to help my mother (my Aunt's carer) through this time, I will finish what many people have not been able to solve.

I am resilient. I can achieve. I will win.


I don't know what has posessed me to return to this blog? Probably the euphoria of having a computer that makes uploading my photographs easier. This was actually taken a long time ago, Spring in November 2007 to be exact. I suppose with our heading into winter I am drawn towards the end of the year already when things will bloom again. This is a view from down my street. It makes feel lucky to live in this street. Posted by Picasa